Private Elements

Start with Private Elements!

If you would like to join our CrossFit community, you are required to first go through our Private Elements before you can attend our CrossFit class times.

Our Elements package is made up of 4+ private training sessions. During these sessions,  we will be spending personal one-on-one time to teach you the foundational movements. This ensures your own safety and understanding so that you can optimize your training session.

Private Elements sessions last 45 minutes and are scheduled around our class times and what works for you! If we think you need more than 4 sessions, we will communicate that to you and may end up doing a few extra until you and your coach feel you are ready to rumble! It costs just $195 for all 4 private training elements sessions. Please contact us to get you scheduled!

*If you already know you want to sign-up for Private Elements right NOW, please indicate this on your “contact us” form! We will get your first session scheduled as soon as possible.